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04 января 2017, 04:51

Ahnu and Teva partner on new collection of outdoor shoes for women

Ahnu is turning over a new leaf in the new year. As of January 1, the footwear maker is discontinuing its men’s shoe collection and focusing on its women’s lineup of shoes. The company is partnering with Teva to produce the new Ahnu by Teva collection, which is available on Teva’s website.

Ahnu footwear may now be sold by Teva, but that doesn’t mean the company’s most popular models are gone. The new Ahnu by Teva lineup including the Sugarpine and Montara boot styles. The Sugarpine is a classic over-the-ankle hiking boot with Vibram soles and an upper that includes both waterproof leather and lightweight mesh. There’s also a waterproof membrane and an interior antimicrobial treatment that will keep your feet clean and dry. Comfortable and durable, the Sugarpine features Ahnu’s Numentum Hike technology, which provides both a sneaker-like fit and the stability every hiker demands.

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Also available from Teva is the Ahnu Montara, a lightweight, waterproof boot designed for rugged terrain. Available as a full-size hiking boot and a low-cut hiking shoe, the Montara features a custom Vibram outsole that’ll provide extra grip and Ahnu’s proprietary Numentum insole for stability. The Montara boot has a Nubuck leather upper and eVent waterproofing, while the low-cut Montana II shoe is outfitted with full-grain leather for durability. Last but not least is the flagship North Peak Event hiker, a high-cut boot that’ll carry you from one rocky summit to the next. Similar to the Montara, the North Peak Event features eVent waterproofing and a waterproof Nubuck leather upper. Built to last and keep you dry on the trail, the North Peak boot features Vibram’s ultra-grippy DuraTrek rubber sole, a molded nylon shank and a pig leather lining.

Boots aren’t the only styles in the new Ahnu by Teva line. The collection also includes the stylish Markam Latitude Leather sandal and the Sugar Venture Lace sneaker. The Markam Latitude Leather shoe is meant for dressing up or dressing down, while the Sugar Venture Lace is designed for kicking around the house and running errands in town. All of the updated Ahnu by Teva shoes are available now on Teva’s website with prices ranging from $129 for the Sugar Venture Lace sneaker to $199 for the North Peak Event boot.

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